Film won't die if we do not stop to use it. This is very simple. I remember some years ago when Ilford, Agfa and Forte went to bankruptcy, there where discussions that B&W fotography is dying. Now we know, this wouldn't be. There is enough demand to produce film, you just have to talk to people of Adox or Fotokemika, they will confirm that. The problem of companies like Kodak or Fuji is, that if they just switch on their coating machines, they will produce much to much film for a niche market - they are simply too big. Analogue photography can not and should not compete to digital photography, it is a different kind of photography and this is the point.

In my country we see that the use of color neg. films used by hobby foto enthusiasts like most of us are is increasing and not decreasing! But on the other side the mass market is falling down towards 0, because the mass market is digital. So the companies have to produce films in small scale production for photo enthusiasts like we are - this is the future and there is enough demand. So it's time for companies like Adox or efke, who are able to coat small charges of film. It would be great if we can save Kodaks Portra Films and the Ektar, but this will only be possible if Kodak or another company which buys the assets, uses small machines to produce small charges.

I'm sure that we will have film in the future, just don't stop using it.