I just feel really bad about this whole thing. I've always used both Kodak and Ilford products and I'll be really sorry if Kodak ceases to be. It's not only because of my selfish needs for Kodak stuff, but also because it's just a very sad story.

Kodak was an extremely important American institution for a long time, a real intellectual leader, a source of pride. It's not just about the end products, but also the monumental scientific endevours and achievments of the Research Lab, the great minds who led the field in an extremely complex field of research and development which no longer exists, the history of acquired companies like Wratten & Wainright, and on and on. Even beyond traditional photographic technology, Kodak's achievements in digital imaging have always been overshadowed by the perception it is nothing more than a lumbering piece of junk company. How many people, for example, realize Kodak makes the superb sensor in the Leica M9 that is flying off the shelves generating record numbers for Leica?

If Kodak fails completely there goes another once-great American company, down the tubes. I know Kodak has been in a downward spiral for decades now and bla bla bla but I still find it troubling, and a shame.