What a load of "$%&. Ilford does not overproduce, has an excellent palette of B&W film stock yet their rolls don't cost much more than Kodak's, in some countries even less.
Of course it overproduces. At least HP5. What do you think explains the 2-for-1 and 3-for-2 fire-sales? Over stock. So big, IMO, that there was serious fear of having unsold stocks reaching their expiry date. That's really bad for business.
Besides, Ilford products are more expensive then Kodak's in Canada and even in the UK, some people have reported.

Film prices have gone up substantially for US folks yet the demand for photographic film stays flat - and that in the face of a double dip recession.
It was up, then down and will slowly go up again. Especially if a mass-producer like Kodak stops producing.
And how do you know that demand is flat? The demand for film is the most well kept secret and you know it is flat? Just by Ilford's recent fire-sales you have to realize that the demand is pretty low unless you drop the price like crazy.
In other words: Low price=high demand for a short period of time, people will stock up and stop demand. High price=low demand. High price for a longer period of time=dead market.