Pkm-25 congratulations tor your successes unfortunately I believe that most people on this site use film as hobbyist and not as professionals some people on this site don't have a big income either so they can only buy little amounts of film. APUG is ineffective in promoting film use for a very specific reason, the digi crowd or the average person with a digicam isn't really interested in film or analogue photography and therefore doesn't frequent this site except for some misguided trolls who come to this site to declare that film is dead. I still believe that a lot of members of this site try to promote the use of film Gandolfi comes to mind and you of course, I personaly try to promote the advantages of film use whenever I can both to both amateurs and pros. Unfortunately I haven't shot any film this week since I am lying in bed due to a disc hernia. Maybe we should start a thread on how to promote film use?