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Worse, Kodak volumes subsidized the entire supply and distribution chain related to emulsion products. When Kodak declares Ch. 11, then there will considerable creditor (not just investor) scrutiny of anything to do with film as it is technically a "credit event". This will result in more upwards cost pressure, not just for Kodak.
And this reminds me exactly how all the digital camera makers went belly up once the Olympus balance fraud got public. Oh, I'm wrong, I meant to say how the whole electric power plant industry went bust after the Enron scandal broke loose. Oh, wrong again, but the demise of Kodak will most certainly kill off all other US companies making photographic film. All zero of them. And since Kodak has turned into an inkjet printer company lately, this whole mess is certainly going to put Lexmark and HP out of business. Please educate us how exactly the financial troubles of Kodak are going to impact Ilford, Efke, Foma and Fuji, or the film business in general.
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The demand for film from Kodak has been in a ~10% per annum decline since 2003 according Kodak financial statements. At one point Kodak sold something like $11 billion worth of film per year and now they are in the low hundreds of millions of $$$ and still declining.
The decline may have been from decline in photographic film use initially but now it's mostly from decline in movie film use. Kodak has recently stated that photographic film sales have been flat last year. Kodaks production facilities may not be feasible if movie film is no longer used, but this doesn't automatically harm other makers of photographic film, especially those who don't make movie film. And someone may take over Kodak's color film know how and run their process in smaller scale, financing for this could well come from the movie industry which still depends on material being produced right now.

Like CGWs postings, your postings remind me a lot of the "*BSD is dying" meme. You both like to draw doom&gloom scenarios from a few cherry picked facts obtained through a quick online search and ignore the fact that despite all these "handwritings on the wall", film and cameras are still being made by several companies spread out over several continents. I'd be more concerned that a new economic crash ends our ability to afford photographic products (analog and digital) than that there will be no film&paper&chems available in the next couple of years.

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I wonder how the owner of the site feels about this ongoing thread practically owned by Aristophanes and his never ending call for doom, practically calling out for the death of the site as well?
We may not agree with CGW and Aristophanes but we should by all means defend their ability to state their opinion here. The owner of this site would be very ill advised if he censored the postings to only include cheerful and optimistic views about the future of film.

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Seems like some of the folks here get downright giddy at the thought of Kodak film disappearing. Rather odd given the nature of the forum. Wonder if they have some ulterior motive.
Waiting for CGW to write: "I'm just realistic there's no point in blind optimism" 3 ....... 2....... 1.......