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Are you going to let us know who they are? I'm sure they don't want their reforming to remain a secret.


I didn't bother to mention the name as I doubt anyone on this forum other than myself will have heard of them and it's a bit off topic... But since you've asked:

They were called 'Jameson Raid' and were a minor legend in their own lunch time... doing the circuit in Birmingham in the late 1970s and early 80s. They were contemporaries of Def Leppard (although a far better band, in my humble and biased opinion) and supported them on a couple of gigs in 1980. This didn't last long as the crowd were shouting 'We Want The Raid!" all through Def Leppard's set. Happy days.
They had a massive local following - all us fans thought Jameson Raid would be huge one day, they should have been, but somehow never got the break and made the big time. Hardly an original story.
Alas... the music business is a fickle place and there's a lot of luck and need for being in 'the right place at the right time'.

In the unlikely event anyone wants to check them out, try the single from 1979:


Oh... and in case anyone doesn't know, 'Strange Fruit' was the fictional band in the brilliantly funny spoof about old rock bands reforming called 'Still Crazy'. This is so true to life it's a bit too close to the bone to be comfortable in places!