I recently unearthed a long-unused and nearly forgotten 35mm format lens that I do not need and would like to give to someone who can put it to use. It is a Tamron SP 90mm f2.5 macro lens that focuses to 1:2 magnification. I also have the matched Tamron extension tube allowing focus down to life-size. I bought this lens new in 1984 and used it a lot for about six years. After buying Canon FD equipment in 1989 and a Canon 100mm macro a year later, the Tamron lens went into extended storage.

The lens is in decent shape and seems to operate fine, although I have not used it in 15 years. There is no front lens cap as I needed that for a lens in current use. A protective filter is on the front right now. The front element has some marks including one area about 2mm across and in about 5mm from the edge that looks like a bunch of pinprick-sized bubbles. I don't know what that is or to what extent it might affect the image produced.

Tamron lenses can be used on many camera makes via their interchangeable Adaptall mount system. This lens currently has a Canon FD mount attached. Mounts to fit other cameras are available from Tamron. The lens is in a case and I will include the original boxes if I can find them.

I would prefer to send this lens to someone who can use it, rather than someone looking for a freebie lens to later put on sale. I will ship this to a USA address only, and require the recipient to reimburse me for shipping expense. I also ask of the new owner, if after trying the lens you feel you got something worthwhile for free, to consider making a donation to APUG. Whatever you feel is appropriate.

Interested parties may PM me through this forum. I may not be able to reply right away as this looks to be a busy week.