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I just can't effing believe how ineffective this site is in the promotion of both great images made in the analog medium and being a true champion for getting the word out about film. This is beyond frustrating and because of people like the aforementioned, this site is just not worth being a part of anymore in terms of dialog. I will just come hear like many do, find a quick tech solution, not post and just get out and make great photographs happen, regardless of medium.
Well, the name does stand for Analog Photography Users Group, not Analog Photography Promotional Association. I don't really see it as the responsibility of APUG to be "a true champion for getting the word out about film". Actually, I'm not sure I see where APUG has any responsibilities at all beyond providing a medium for those of us using film to talk shop.

I don't like the one-note doom-and-gloom discussions very much either, but it's not like the site consists entirely of them. You can always quit reading this thread and go discuss something you find more edifying. Pop over to the b&w forum and help holmburgers figure out why his Efke 100 sheets have thin highlights, tell me how to get my Impossible Project film to behave better, sell a lens you're not using, whatever.