Cliveh of course the test of time will work in films favour as 99% of all digital content will be lost in the next say 50 years and that's one of the reason why I consider politicians and TV managers support for digital so shameful. BBC doesn't accept documentaries shot on film anymore, why because it's doesn't work with their cheap HD encoding algorithm. At every lecture and at every discussion about the long term storage of digital and analogue image material I take part in I tell people to use film because otherwise their work will be lost. Digital long term storage is 30 years at best digital long term storage on film is up to 500 + years.

Film and the rosetta stone (disc) are the only long term storage devises for digital data believe it or not.
The claim 200 years + life expectancy of certain printer inks is in my opinion pretty close to fraud.

So in my case

6) Promote film as the cheapest and best long term digital storage devise