Has another mole infiltrated? Aristophanes - I agree with quite a few of your points, but digitial hasn't even begun to be able to replace color film for quality - not for portrait applications, and certainly not for large-format film and printing applications. Even if something gets digtially printed,
the optimized results are going to be way better and more manageable from a LF scan than from
anything direct capture. Maybe run-of-the-mill stock photography and magazine spreads can use
DLSR results, but certainly not all of us find it a realistic alternative. Then there's the cost thing.
Traditional enlargement is way, way cheaper overall to output. Worldwide there's probably
sufficient demand for somebody to remain in color neg film mfg; and for the time being,
Fuji is still solidly behind chrome film. Recapitalizing as a startup is indeed another matter. And the
long-term viability of black and white film is another issue altogether, because it's much easier to
manufacture than color. Pricing will always be affected by silver, gelatin, petrochemicals behind filmbase, etc.
But suggesting that film in general will all unravel just doesn't add up. And right now there are plenty
folks interested in some kind of darkroom work. Cumulatively, that will keep somone in business making the necessary supplies.