My mistake ... thought I was on APUG, but obviously stumbled onto the cell-phone-camera forum.
Just where do you think commercial display photography is going to come from if high-end output options are going extinct? And just how many times do you think studios are going to amortize new
equipment outlays every five years? Right now I'm about to coach a studio photographer in large
format FILM use because he can't deliver competitive quality digitally. And believe me, this ain't the
flat part of the earth - I'm right smack dab in the heart of the tech empire, and I grew up right smack on the second deepest canyon on the continent. Flatlander I'm not. You'd be amazed at how
many Silicon Valley types on the trail ask to look under my darkcloth and with they had darkrooms
of their own. They guys who invent this stuff still know the difference, even if some of the moles
inflitrating this forum don't. Change is inevitable, but everything digital will change too, and probably
a lot faster. We'll see what goes extinct first.