I know people who hold digital photog patents who do their personal work on film for quality reasons
and not just for fun. Plenty of C-paper is still being sold. I can even walk into the local camera store
here and they've got stacks of Crystal Archive in the freezer and stacks of 4x5 color film in the refrig. The schools and UC teach with it. Commercial printers still use it. On the other hand, my friend
who does tabletop food photography with a Betterlight has only a finite time to get that serviced;
it is already defacto extinct, and there's no real substitute. Scanners are getting difficult to maintain. Large format color film still really has no practical substitute in the long run. But no, not
any flat earth around here, either topographically or intellectually. And we fine-art printers are pretty
small in volume compared to commercial display applications, which still demand good detail and color
reproduction, especially for cosmetics ads etc (big dollars). I don't have any crystal ball either, but
I suspect some version of high-end film will be around until there's a REAL digital substitute.