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I'm doing my part...I opened an analog only photo store! Who knows if it even will register as a blip on the radar, but I'm trying to keep film going strong in my little corner of the world.
My wife has a business trip to Pleasanton Monday through Wednesday. I was thinking of hanging back and getting things done around here, but then I read this and *just* booked the flight, I am coming to see your shop.

Look folks, I am tired of the negativity, I prefer the kind you can print from if you know what I mean.
After spending 4 hours on the road, networking with other photogs and venting to a friend of mine over a cup of coffee about the other thread, I checked in and saw this. So thanks for taking my rant seriously, I think we all know what is at stake here and that we need to REALLY get into action.

I take this very seriously and very personally, I don't want to be a photographer in a world where my only option is digital. PM my Tjaded, I will be in Oakland Monday afternoon, but would like to meet up on Tuesday, Tri-X and Leicas in hand...