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No Jorge, you're wrong again. When Donald challenged me to post my data, I included the paper ES, and that was long before you posted Davis' response. In the context of the discussion of subject ranges, I simply stated that SBR can be considered a function of development, with which you disagreed and wrote:

You were so eager to defend Donald, and tell me that I was wrong that you didn't think about the problem rationally. I responded by writing:

Which is basically what Davis said, adding the obvious point that paper ES is constant. My explanation apparently annoyed you and you wrote:

That last line is especially ironic. Why do you always have to get so nasty? What did I write to piss you off? When I posted an excerpt from BTZS fourth edition to support my point, you responded with:

That was uncalled for, especially considering the fact that you have been using BTZS for about two years, right? From that point on you limited your remarks to baiting and insults, so I won't bother with those. So when did I insult you? Was it after you insuted me, or before? What is the difference between "insinuating expertise", and having an opinion or understanding counter to yours? Does "Unlike you, what I know, I know well, but I am not an expert on everything.." qualify as "insinuating expertise?

I wish you would post my offending remarks so that I can see myself from your perspective, because when I read my posts, I see myself doing my best to convey my point of view and support my arguments without getting personal or angry. It seems that you are incapable of posting without including a personal jab like...

What does that mean? Are you talking about Davis' point that the paper ES must be constant to target SBR for development? Isn't that obvious? I know I'm new to this, but come on. And it's not as if you qualified your remarks by saying that I can target SBR as long as my paper scale is consant. You wrote "SBR is not a value you can target, IOW you cannot say I am going to develop for an SBR of 6.". I'm not always right, but I'm not always wrong either, and if I treat someone unfairly, I appologize beacause that's what mature adults do, and as far as "keeping score" is concerned, I think you've cornered that market. How many threads have you participated in that don't end in you challenging someone to some feat of photographic skill? If you want to ignore me, fine, but if you don't, must you continually bait and insult me? I could live without that. Until next time,


LOL.....you are nuts if you think I am going to read all of that. As to your last paragraphs...in as many threads you have participated doing the same...in the end, you were challanged to show your work.... we are still waiting.