I guess each of us can do his/her little bit of promoting. I already converted a couple of photographer friends to film simply by showing them how beautiful the colors come out, what you can get with a medium format camera instead of an APS-C sensor, or how the unique structure of a BW film grain can add to the aesthetics of the picture. After shooting digital for some time (which gets rather boring) they came to recognize and appreciate the qualities of film pretty easily.

I never thought of my occasional film promoting as contributing to saving the medium, but merely as sharing with friends what delights me. Nevertheless, if everyone would help just one friend discover the qualities of film, the market for analogue photographic products would practically double, which is no small feat. Think of that.

I also discovered that another attraction of analogue photography were the cameras. The mechanical perfection of an old SLR, with its gears and chromed parts has its charms, unrivaled by the home-appliance look and functioning of a dslr. From my experience, probably the main obstacle that prevents people spontaneously considering film as a viable option are the perceived costs. Paradoxically, analogue is seen as more expensive than digital, although for an amateur it is much, much economical to shoot film.