I'm not so sure what to make of the juror's "worst possible illusion" comment, though.
I'm not sure what to make of that either... but did you notice your print was the one the juror had the most to say about?
A belated congratulations to you, Eddie...


Ilford Featured Photographer
Not a contest but I was surprised to learn that I am Ilford's featured photographer of the month of May 2011.
That is SO cool! Given that I'm a real fan of Ilford, I'd be thrilled to pieces to be chosen as their featured photographer.

Greg, two exhibitions AND a magazine? That's extremely impressive. Congrats to you, also!

Got in to the upcoming Freestyle show with one print.
Well done!

And last, but far from least Congratulations, Tom! That is a lovely way to welcome in a new year. Encouragement should always be.... encouraged!

Phew. All caught up on 2011 and into 2012. What a talented bunch you are.