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Personally, I think I've read enough speculation for now. Nothing we say or do here will alter what happens with Kodak or the future of their products.....if you're feeling pessimistic, just stock up with any Kodak films which you think you might need, otherwise why not spend the time taking, processing and printing some photos, then check back in three or six months. We'll know then.
Here Here, whiles't I would be very sad to see kodak film disapear, especialy Trix, which I have used for many years, nothing we can say or do will change anything, and it would not be the end of the film world, Ilford seems to be still going well, as is adox,foma and other smaller makers, so why don't we all use and enjoy the Kodak films while we have them, and if they go then look around for other materials, and continue to enjoy the photography we love, I don't see film and darkroom disapearing in my lifetime,so just have fun with film,