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I've been reading this thread in the context of another thread here about hybrid processing, and one point I think should be considered is that to promote film use, more flexibility in the acceptance of the hybrid will be required. For someone just starting out, working with negative scans may be more practical, and some shooters may stay with that workflow and not get into darkroom prints, but they are still buying/shooting film, using film cameras.
This is exactly right, even when someone makes a print in the darkroom, they want to promote / show it. Even well known fine art is shown via the web. There should not be as dark of a line drawn in regards to APUG and hybrid photo, it is not doing anyone favors here.

What this site needs is to do the following:

1. There could be a looping slideshow of some of the best new analog work out there on the home page, but there is not.

2. There could be a more flavor forward feel of the content of the images in analog being easily detected by the new forum reader, but again, there is not. For example, if there is a topic on pushing Tri-X, then a site algorithm should select a random image tagged with that criteria and list it as the subject icon. All images, all the time, the home page is starkly opposite in this regard, I personally know half a dozen people who have been driven away by the billion word, small font appearance of it all.

3. Perhaps lock out the forum topics from non-paying or visiting site users rather than the very things that are not only to bring in more potential film users but more paying site users, THE PHOTOS.

I would pay $50-$100 per year for a site like that mentioned above.