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I've just become the proud owner of a Leica M6 Classic, having won a bid on Ebay for 690. Its a wonderful piece of kit, and feels good just to hold it, compared to my Minolta SLR I've been using for 25 years!I think thats quite a bargain, including presentation box and original packing box. What do you think? I can't see any less than 700 on the second hand sites I've looked at. I never thought I'd ever be able to own one, or even hold one, so now I can't wait to try it out. But first I need a lens, and I'm thinking about getting a Voigtlander Colour Skopar 35mm, as dedicated Leica lenses are way too expensive for me. Has anybody used Voigtlander lenses with their Leicas? Whats your verdict?
I've rather neglected 35mm over the last few years and concentrated mainly on medium format with my Mamiya 7II, but I think the Leica will start me up again.
I do not know, obviously, what your budget is, or how nasty importation charges are in the UK, but a site I recommend checking out here in Canada is www.vintagevisuals.com. I have dealt with the company for several years and have always come away quite satisfied with my purchases (I have probably spent something in the neighborhood of $25-30,000 Cdn ((12-15,000 UK pounds?)) over the last several years). VV's inventory varies, and much of it goes quickly. Prices, for the most part, are, in my estimation, quite reasonable: on several purchases (my 50mm Summilux ASPH, my 35mm Summicron, as well as an assortment of Leica black and white filters), prices were lower than the same items available through the redoubtable KEH. So...do not "write off" a Leitz purchase before checking around...