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Hi all
I browsed through the Impex catalogue the other day. They have some cheap photolamps ( 149€/kit). Flashstrobes are so expensive so I was wondering "Hmm should I get a kit ?" I think the heat and power problems are solved with the daylight bulbs/tubes but how about output ? Will a set of photolamps deliver the goods ? Are there other significant differences ?
Regards Søren
I use strobes (400 watts Multiblitzes) and like them a lot because of the limited heat they put off and the power of these flashes.
But the kit you have found I would get, too! With the Daylight bulbs heat wouldn't be an issue if you work in a ventilated room. But the output I don't know about.

I find both types of light appealing as flash will give you more power, but it is more difficult to match with the available light. Floods will generate more heat and is less powerful but will give you a "What-you-see-is-what-you-get"-feeling when matching it with available light.

The kit you found may be finding it's way to my studio, too as I can find use for both strobes and floods.