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There is one coating machine that coats everything now. It has a minimum speed and minimum threading length. These are absolute figures and cannot be changed. Therefore, the entire worlds supply of Kodachrome could have been coated in about 15 minutes near the end of its life. Of course it took months to prepare everything and bring them together that day at the head of the coating machine. But, there are gaps in coating that have reduced the EK coating to nearly the lower limit of sustainability. That is the problem. One whole building was mothballed at the end of May 2011.

Two years is a long time when product demand is going down 30% per year!

Ron when it com to the inside outs of kodak and film I defer to your expertise. The info I got was from a very reliable guy though so it makes me wonder if the the Kodak rep he was speaking with might have spun the upside a bit. Nevertheless, with the potential for a far lower overhead for Kodak post bankruptcy they might have some chance of going forward, I just hope silver prices go lower....