Hey y'all,
I've been bugging Guillaume in PMs and starting to feel guilty about it....
So I thought I'd throw out a request.
I've done three sessions with lith and I'm hooked. I'm out of paper.....
During this time I've begun to learn some of the behavior.
That of course has given me a better idea of what i'm after and how I want it to look.
The main thing I'd like to tackle first is the tone.
Although some of these crazy lith colors are pretty damn cool, I'd like to find the tone I'm after.
Here's where I need some help.
I'm using easylith and foma 131.
I got pretty close to the tone with heavy dilution and short exposure.
The tone I'm after is a golden brown sort of ochre hue. It's basically the tone I get in wet plate.
In the world of RGB its in the area of R 124 G 103 B 68
If you reduce the blue down into the 40s then you can get an idea of the range I'm talking about.
What I'm NOT after are oranges, reds, pinks, purples or blues.
Yellowish browns start to get there....
I definitely don't like cool or neutral. So far selenium has been way too cool or purpley. If I've used it it was just for a few seconds.
On unblinkingeye Tim Rudman had a list of papers but that was in 2004.....
I need to place an order for more paper so I thought I'd ask first.
Perhaps SE5 will give me a little more flexibility than the easylith?
In the gallery I like the tone Marianne has in her prints so maybe she could chime in
I have no problem with experimenting but i'd like to get a ballpark combination of dev,paper, and/or toner to get me there.
I really appreciate any thoughts or advice you might have.