i feel like i do 1, 4, and 5 personally

i teach a month long photography course twice a year and take the time to really explain the impact of film as a medium even today. most of the people in my class dont even know that film is even relevant anymore which is pretty sad. But when I show them the quality film is capable of, they are amazed. i really wonder how the idea of film becoming irrelevant and obsolete even came about (other than digital being so convenient). i dont mean to start a film vs digital war with that last statement haha.

i buy my film at a local drug store (usually Kodak BW400CN since its C41 process) and ive had the photo tech there mention how im one of a handful of people she sees buying film from there. i hope kodak finds a way to somehow avoid bankruptcy because i really like me some BW400CN and how readily available it is for me.