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you know.....in the olde days, they used to PRINT ENTIRE MOVIES on paper for copywrite purposes---this is when the law only allowed items printed on paper to be copywrited--as there was no other media at the time...so to ensure protection of their rights, they filed contact prints of the film on paper for the copyrite.

but anyways....I was going somewhere with this....like print on paper and put it on one of those spinwheels that provides intermittant motion...or A FLIP BOOK...yeah...that's it.....maybe blow em up too --- you'd need to enlarge strips though--I just saw someone with a carrier that just sold for long strips of filim inthe enlarger---

ideas.....far more ideas than time
The paper strips made into a flipbook?
Try here http://wichm.home.xs4all.nl/cinimage.html
It's the kinora camera. Takes 1" strips of paper or film, and those get processed into a flipbook that goes on a special viewer.

To reply to OP, you may enjoy a cheap 8mm camera more. While it isn't 35mm, and has those other drawbacks, you can use standard equipment to view and project your film, as well as you get more run time per roll. Just my 2 cents. The lomokino just seems really expensive for what it is and what it can do, which an ordinary 35mm with a motor drive does.