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And for those who have never read what Sean has written there, I'm copying part of it here (hope this is OK Sean):

"About the current global economy and it's affect on APUG:

In the past APUG relied heavily on two methods of survival:

1) Some of our members subscribing at higher rates than asked of them
2) The currency exchange rate (we are based in New Zealand)

For some time APUG has experienced a financial double whammy. With many people and companies cutting back, subscriptions and advertiser numbers have declined, and the willingness of members to commit to 12 month subscriptions or our more generous subscription offerings have also declined. Also, the New Zealand dollar has hit record highs for well over a year. Before the global economic crises APUG would frequently get a 1 year subscription for $39.50 US, which would convert to $70.00 NZ dollars. For a niche site, that more generous payment plus a good currency exchange rate can make all the difference. However, in the current economic climate a typical subscription is now frequently $12.00 US, which converts to $15.00 NZ dollars. You can imagine when frequent subscriptions once bringing in $70 NZ to APUG drop to $15 NZ it is quite a blow. We are not pleading with you to contribute more, this message is so you know what APUG as a business entity has been facing during this time. We have recently migrated web hosts and done a lot of work behind the scenes to cut costs and find additional revenue. This has given some minor relief, but ultimately our lifeblood is and always has been the subscriber base. Any contribution you make is greatly appreciated. Thank You.