This is my first post, I kinda turned it into an intro/ soap box. Hope that flies.

I have been reading this thread with great interest. I started making images on film in 1988, after college (photojournalism) I started to work and spent time with wire services and newspapers. I got very good at doing c-41 out of the trunk of my car and finding a phone line to use the Leaf 3D to make deadlines.

In Atlanta in 96 we got our first digital, it was crap but very easy. I kept my film bodies and took out a loan to pick up digital bodies. As I used them, Shooters would lean over to check them out. The next game would have another guy with a digital body.

Now days, I think it is working the same way. I was shooting a wedding last week and I had countless people come by and ask about my Leica's. I told them why I was using film and those cameras. My client just sent me an email that he dug out his old AE1 program and shot a role of film and loved it.

The more people see it used, the more people will want to use it. Make sure people know the images were made with silver exposed to light and not 1's and 0's. Make real prints and be generous with them. Even the most uptight person can see and feel the difference in a fiber wet print vs. an inkjet on mediocre paper.

This forum gives me hope that film will never disappear completely.