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Almost comparable with Photoshop manipulation and devoid of original integrity related to original capture.
If you could offer up some example of what you mean..........but so far, I completely disagree with your assessment.

So, if I have a well executed negative (meaning, that I have gotten the "exposure and development right" for the lighting, according to you), I should only print it to satisfy some literal rendering of the subject tones as they are captured? A well executed negative, IMO, is one that offers up a siginificant amount of freedom to take your visualization of the final print to its completion. Good photographic craft prior to print making should not tie your hands in the printing process, IMHO.........on the contrary, it should free them. Sounds to me, if I understand your point, you are suggesting that dodging and burning are tools that should mostly be used to make up for some mistake made in exposure and development of the negative----I couldn't disagree more.