I feel there are to types of dodging and burning, the first being remedial, which means there's a problem with the way the image looks, perhaps a shadow area prints down too far at the base exposure and it looks better dodged out a bit. Or the sun is striking one small area and needs to be brought down to show texture.. The other type of dodging and burning is editorial, where one is looking to change the feeling or emphasis in a print. I think of Ben Fernandez's pictures of Dr. Martin Luther King, marching in huge crowds. Somehow Fernandez managed to dodge King just a bit lighter than the rest of the picture so the eye found him easily at first glance. It was very subtle and perfect, IMO. I also occasionally burn all four edges, something I tried for the first as kid after reading that Ansel did it frequently. I have certainly enlarged negatives straight without D&B. And of course all of my Pt/Pd and gum printing is without D&B.