I've brought this up more than once in the past but never asked anyone to build it. There are enough smart folks here who can rig all sorts of things with electronics and cameras. Here's what I need:
1. A shutter release that terminates with cable release threads on the end of a 16" flexible wand so it can connect to most any mechanical camera AND fire copal shutters while attached to something like the hot shoe socket.

2. It must be wireless up to 100ft, it could use an existing electronic sender/reciever (like a remote household switch) or from scratch.

3. The ability to set times from 1 second to 30 seconds and also function with a copal shutter's T mode (hit button once for open, once for closed).

4. will function in cold weather, below freezing if need be.

I know there are mechanical gadgets that come up on ebay which attach to your cable release or screw directly into the shutter. I'm not interested in those, at all.

Who's gonna build me one and how much will it cost?