As one of the people who joined in the recently closed Hybrid photography rant, it occurred to me perhaps a good way to encourage folks with an interest in such things would be to post some images to the hybrid group. I've just posted three images which some may find interesting, each of which has been captured on film, processed by me and printed by me using an alt process. Yes, I did produce an enlarged negative on my computer from which I contact printed. Two images were made with a Speed Graphic with a magic lantern lens attached, the other was done with a Sprocket Rocket. There is a venue on APUG for these types of images to be shown and discussed and I am interested in knowing if any of my fellow complainers/gadflies avail themselves of it. If so, there are three new images. Anyone who has an interest can see them by joining the hybrid group, if not already a member. There is no cost to join, other than the possible harrassment from your friends for hanging out with folks in the hybrid group. If that bothers you, don't do it. If you are man enough to risk a little harrrassment, come take a look. Bill Barber