Thanks for the words everybody.

As a couple have commented - those are cows down in the valley, though buffalo would have roamed in the area. There's a great (and brutal) section about hunting in a nearby valley in John Williams' novel "Butcher's Crossing."

Kraker - terribly sorry for the problem with your card. Perhaps my fixer failed for part of the batch? Anyone else have a similar phenomenon? The extras I have did not show any sign of such problems.

I've received recently:

Black dog's lovely picture of window lights. Wonderful reflections in the edges of the panes.
Ryan's "Call to the Diamond" - I like all the darkness in the top of the frame.
Marianne's fiddlers - Perfect expressions and a great treatment of the microphone stands
Trond's "Ash" - Excellent use of texture and a a nice bit of suggestiveness with the markers on the edges
Andres's "Gang" - What a pair! The misaligned mouth on the left is the perfect touch.
Romain's "On the way to work" - Excellent symmetry between sky and marsh. Nice treatment of the sun.