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I'm not saying that dodging and burning are wrong, but often unnecessary and done because some printers are saying that this is what a photographer should do to produce a good print. I would say the same about cropping, not wrong, but if you have considered original composure, why crop? Does a painter go out and make a painting and then when he/she returns to their studio, take a pair of scissors and cut a bit off one edge?
The painter always has a complete set of lenses with him...his eyes... and he can always make a perfect composition in his brain and create the painting he wanted to capture. However for someone like me who only has one lens, I have to compose the scene to include the specific portion of the landscape that I visualize in the print and then when I get back into the darkroom, crop in order to achieve that vision. Cropping for artistic control is one thing....cropping to correct a mistake is another.