Hello all,

my relationship with 4x5 is a love/hate one, and I decided I'd be better off concentrating on what gets me the best results (and fun !) : Medium Format.

So I'm considering trading my 4x5 equipment for some Hasselblad one.

What I offer :
  • Tachihara 45BF camera, looks mint. Bought new a few years ago.
  • Schneider Apo Symmar 150/5.6 ON PRONTOR PRO shutter. Dates from 1995, like new, with Technika style board and both caps.
  • 7 Fidelity Elite holders. Like new (bought new)
  • BTZS dark (actually silver ;-) ) cloth. looks used but works fine.
  • Silvestri X4 loupe
  • GG protector for the camera

What I'd like get for this
  • Hasselblad outfit of equivalent value.
  • Preferably 501CM body (503CW is nice also, but I don't need TTL flash)
  • Recent lens 80/2.8
  • Additional lenses for my current kit can also be an option.

It seems easier to limit this exchange to the E.U (France/Belgium/Luxembourg highly preferred, as I travel across these 3 countries regularly) both for the postage expenses and customs points of view.

Cheers !