Ik ben vorige week een project begonnen en probeer nu zoveel mogelijk mensen zover te krijgen dat ze willen meedoen. Ik copy-paste hieronder een tekst vanaf mijn blog, Engelstalig, maar dat zal wel gaan hoop ik, waarin wordt uitgelegd waar het project over gaat. Het zou tof zijn als jullie zouden meedoen of mensen weten die mee willen doen. Bij voorbaat dank voor het kijken!

"The mediaís most used words in the past year have to be ďthe economical crisisĒ. I am very fortunate to live in the Netherlands where people really are pretty rich with roofs over their heads, food and a social security system, albeit having been degraded over the last years. This makes me sincerely wondering about how this crisis has affected people all over the world. Thatís why I have set up this project.

In short the goal is to collect photographs from people everywhere depicting what the crisis means to them or how it has affected their lives. This does not necessarily have to be negative things. The result will be published in a book and spread via Blurb. The money gathered by selling the book will go to a charity, yet to be chosen.

Iím going to send disposable cameras to people all over the world. You can contact me when interested in participating via email disposablecrisis [at] gmail [dot] com. First thing you have to do once you receive the camera is write a little note with your name and something else you might want to share. This will be used in the book. If you donít want your name to be published, still write the note and mention this.

After you have written the note photograph it so that I know when I develop the film that the next photos on the film are yours. This is very important. I can not be held accountable for false information in the book if this step is forgotten.

When you have made the photos you want, try to keep it to a max. of 4 photos including the note, you can pass or send the camera to someone else you think is interested in participating in this project.

Youíll have to pay for the shipping cost yourself as I wonít have the means to do that for you. If this really is a problem please contact me, maybe we can work something out.

The film will reach an end and when it does please ship it back to me. The address will be included with the camera and the other information. If it got damaged or otherwise is no longer included please contact me. Iíll provide you with the information. Iíll take care of the developing, scanning and creating of the book.

Should it happen that you donít know anyone to send or give the camera to and itís not full, please ship the camera back to me. I can then give the camera another swirl.

On the other hand, if you wish to add more cameras to the mix because you might know a lot more people wanting to participate, feel free to do so! Also, if you give away cameras yourself, recollect them and ship them to me that is allowed too. As long as the note-part is being implemented.

Obviously this project will cost money so I have set up a donation system where everyone who feels like supporting this project is free to donate some of his or hers precious money. Iíll keep a list with the names and donators so that everything will be traceable and open for everyone to check on. If you wish to remain an anonymous well-doer please mention this. The excess money donated will be going towards the, yet to be chosen, charity as well.

Not all of the images will get into the book. I will not be responsible for the images not ending up in the book. Depending on how many cameraís I get back Iíll have to make a selection. On top of that there will be photos that fail being underexposed for example.

Please be sincere when wanting to participate in this project. In order for the project to succeed I need the cameras back to process them and create that book. This is also what will make this a great project: by people for people!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me, preferably via email disposablecrisis [at] gmail [dot] com"

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