Hi everyone

I've just joined the forum, although i've been having a look round for a while now but not felt ready to post.

I'm studying photography just now, having taken a few years off work. I recently discovered alternative processes when doing a unit in college and really loved it. So far i've only done a few cyanotypes.

I currently shoot with a mamiya 645 pro and Nikon F80. I also have digi but i'll save that for another forum.

I've decided to do one of my college portfolios using alternative processes for printing. I currently think i'm doing cyanotypes, salt and van dyke but this could change as I read up on each process.

I'm also going to do a progress blog as part of my college work which will track what i'm learning and give details of prints that i've done. Hopefully i'll be able to get some feedback from users of the group if anyone is interested in having a look.