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I've been shooting film for more than fifty years and was raised on sunny 16 and know well how to use it, but IMO the human eyes are very poor instruments for evaluating fast changing lighting conditions because they react too quickly in a way that is imperceptible to the owner, and in this day and age when light meters are the norm and their cost can soon be offset by avoiding spoiled exposures but some photographers still insist on using sunny 16 out of some sort inverse snobbery to demonstrate how clever they are because they don't need a meter.
But isn't that the whole point of the rule? You don't trust your eyes, you evaluate the seen and apply an exposure based on the conditions and make allowances for cloud, shadow, time of day - because you can't trust your automatically compensating eyes.

I use sunny 16 a lot - but don't think of myself as a snob. It is mainly because I am an enthusiast for old mechanical cameras, especially folding 6 X 6 cameras. Most of these have no meter. I find guessing the exposure is part of the fun. If I wanted to ensure I took a decently exposed picture I would use a meter - but chances are if it was an 'important' picture I wouldn't be using a folding 6 X 6 in the first place, I'd use a camera with built in metering.