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It's an interesting point that the website makes. When I was a kid, our family always used to get out the photo box and albums when relatives came round. These days, most people seem to live solely in the "here and now" with little thought for the past. Consequently, instant and, more recently, digital photography have taken over as the high volume users.

I prefer film to digital, though I use both, but I must admit that if I'm simply snapping friends and family, I tend to reach for the digital camera for sheer convenience's sake.
I, too, can remember the slide shows (and, perhaps to a lesser extent the 8mm home movies) with friends and relatives, up to maybe about 20 years ago. Often they formed a pleasant social evening with a few drinks and nibbles.

Maybe one difference was that long-haul holidays, etc., still had some novelty, or that people had time to put together interesting slide sets of their favourite subjects or hobbies.

It's unusual now to see any holiday pics, except maybe the odd on-or-two on a tiny screen on the back of a digital camera, while information on any subject is instantly available on the web. And I know of no-one who puts their digital prints (other than family shots) in frames or albums.