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I looked further, and it says they have the rights to manufacture and sell AgfaPhoto products, including film.
Similar questions about APX are often asked in this forum, the answers are always the same:

  1. "Lupus Imaging & Media was founded in 2005 as a wholesale company for photographic products." They have no manufacturing facilities for film - like Maco, Freestyle and others. Lupus' b/w films are made from big frozen Agfa rolls, and their color films are fresh products made by Fuji. All those are good films, but they were produced by other companies.
  2. There is nobody who produces APX films today. All 120 APX films were sold out a long time ago, 35mm ist still available, made from big old frozen rolls.
  3. Adox/Fotoimpex announced to produce an Adox APX 100 and 400, but they are not available yet.
  4. All films that are claimed to be "successors" or "almost identical" have almost or absolutely nothing in common with these films, but some companies love to pull a fast one on their customers.

And that's the whole story.