I have used the 55mm 2.8 and 105mm f4. Both are lenses of good quality. The 105mm f4 required an f stop of f8 to really get sharp.

If you get a bellows I would very much suggest that you also get adapter ring(s) allowing the use of both the Micro-Nikkor and your enlarging lenses to be used in the ordinary as well as the reversed mode. The reversed mode for 55mm threads will also allow use to use any lens with a 55mm thread reversed. For example if you wish to get a lot more magnification than is allowed by the Micro-Nikkor a reversed 28mm for example will allow you to do so and may give extraordinarily good results. If your interests, in the future, lie in really extremely large magnification than reversed movie camera lens can perform nicely. Of course one may use for example Photars and Luminars with great success they can be quite costly.