Many of you are familiar with my regular posts urging attendance at the fall or spring camera show and sale known as Photographica, but I'd like to further urge folks to get more connected to the organization that hosts it, the Photographic Historical Society of New England, or PHSNE. I've been a member for almost about a decade now and have recently been asked to become more active myself. Yesterday, at a board meeting, I got pretty excited about what the organization might be able to do for us, as traditional photographers, besides giving us a chance to buy cheap gear. I have lots of ideas, but I'll ask for more from you folks. How can APUG and PHSNE work together to support what we all love, analogue photography?

How about:
Workshops? Lectures and gatherings by region? Members shows? Instructional publications? Sponsorship of school programs? Coffee hours for peer portfolio review? Field trips? ... what else?

I understand there are probably more PHSNE members who are active APUGgers than I know, but growth in that number would be welcome as well. Membership is petty cheap and the monthly meetings are interesting and a great way to stay in touch. Even if you never come to the meetings, the monthly newsletter, Snapshots, and The Journal, published once a year, are worth the membership in themselves. Next month is the members auction, a great time and place to get even more cheap gear and hand with friends. The bulk of the sales often go to dealers, so you know that the cost for any given piece is probably about half what you'd expect to pay at a show. You don't have to live here to be a member, there are members and member libraries and organizations all over the world, but we'd love to get more enthusiastic locals to help move the group forward. They have some funding available to support good programs, it's time to have us tell them how to spend it!

Okay, rant over, but think about it. We're an endangered species. It doesn't hurt to stick together.