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Diafine sounds very interesting, however, Im not so sure that the lighting for the shots Im trying to capture is so contrasty.
What are the lighting situations in which you see yourself shooting? Most night time stuff is pretty contrasty, to me. Maybe in a coffeehouse or something would be pretty low contrast.

I think you may be right about a 35mm rangefinder, there seem to be some problems with the mirror shake of the MF camera's, except for the MF Rangefinders, but they all have slow lenses.
Well, if you _want_ to have MF, then it's still quite manageable.

For instance, the couple of times I've shot at friends' weddings, I've had to rate TXT at 1600 to get sufficient shutter speed on my N70 with my 105mm lens (roughly 1/100 - 1/125). This is accounting already for mirror slap.

If you were to rate TXT at 1600 in, say, a Fuji GS645, you would lose 1.5 stops of speed on the lens (2.8>4.5), but gain 2-3 stops of speed on usable shutter speed (I can handhold my 645 at 1/15 if I really need to). So I can basically use the Fuji in the same situations.

Of course, the flip side is that I would gain a heckuva lot more with a 35mm RF, but if you _want_ medium format, it's doable despite the slower lenses.