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Tell us about Miller Method VII please.
Claire, I am so happy that you provided the basis for the other Miller method...

The Miller method that Dave initiated was far more involved then simply using a gray card. It involved some other factors that once mentioned will become apparent in their importance. For instance in Dave's Miller Method Two he discovered the impact of altitude and temperature in achieving an image. Now I had never thought of it before he brought it up...but yep, he was absolutely dead on. I had to admit that I do not want to schlep a view camera nearly as far when the temps are above 85 and if I am beyond 1500 feet above sea level.

He went on to discover for all of our benefit in the next version that time of day was also a consideration...You've got it...at my elevated age I run out of gas about 10 AM.

Subsequent versions of Dave"s Miller method went on to do pioneering work in other factors that were involved. I recently discovered that the mood of one's significant other had a distinct bearing...For instance, if the old lady is pissed off...I am prone to spend more time far afield making photographs...

Hope that this answers your questions. I realize that this is a broad overview..I will leave it to Dave to fill in the rest of the details.