Hello APUGers,

With my time in Africa coming to a close I'm starting to plan my next adventure. As it stands right now I'm looking to go to the Pacific Rim for 2-4 weeks. It looks like I'm going to spend much of my time on the move. I am taking a DSLR and lenses (odds are a fisheye, 50mm and 70-300mm), and one of my Film cameras. I have a Hasselblad 500ELX with a F2.8 80mm lens and a Graflex Speed Graphic with a F4.7 127mm lens. So I have a few (loaded) questions.

1: What would be the better camera to bring? I will have to do a lot of backpacking. The 'blad needs batteries, a CLA done, and a WLF, but is much easier to load film. The SG does not need batteries (assuming I'm not bringing the flash), but with two 12 shot magazine and 5 film holders I'm limited on the number of photos I can take. And it takes me some time to reload the magazines and film holders. But it's ready to go *right now.* Both cameras take up the same amount of space once packed up and weigh about the same. Being somewhat portable is key.

2: If you were to pick 2 kinds of film to take (one color, and one B&W) what would you pick and why? I'm thinking about something with a ISO of 400 to help with lower light shots. I'm going to be shooting what ever catches my eye. Be it landscapes, street, wildlife, whatever I feel like.

3: Should I develop my own film there? Ship film back to the US to get developed? Or?

4: What is a realistic amount of film to take?

5: What would you recommend for a camera bag/backpack?

6: Any other things to think about?

Thanks for any input you're willing to share.