So I finally got my LF enlarger, and I have a few friends telling me that I've just got to start printing on FB paper and get a cold light head for it to make really good prints. The trouble is, I can't see any magic in their cold light FB prints that I don't have in my condenser or diffusion head RC prints.
I'm really looking forward to this new printing initiative where the same negative is printed by many different photogs from APUG to see different interpretations. Maybe then I will see a difference.
Until then, what can anyone tell me about cold light heads? I know just a bit: there is an older version that requires an expensive controller, and there is a version meant for VC paper with blue and green tubes in it. I've also read that negatives meant to be printed with a cold light source should be denser than normal.
(Isn't photography great, there's no end to this learning.)