1: What would be the better camera to bring? I will have to do a lot of backpacking. The 'blad needs batteries, a CLA done, and a WLF, but is much easier to load film. The SG does not need batteries (assuming I'm not bringing the flash), but with two 12 shot magazine and 5 film holders I'm limited on the number of photos I can take. And it takes me some time to reload the magazines and film holders. But it's ready to go *right now.* Both cameras take up the same amount of space once packed up and weigh about the same. Being somewhat portable is key.

I have Hasselblads and a Speed Graphic. In your situation, I would take the Hasselblad. One camera means few opportunities to screw up the photograph.

2: If you were to pick 2 kinds of film to take (one color, and one B&W) what would you pick and why? I'm thinking about something with a ISO of 400 to help with lower light shots. I'm going to be shooting what ever catches my eye. Be it landscapes, street, wildlife, whatever I feel like.

I would take Kodak Tri-X or Ilford HP5+ for traditional grain black & white and Kodak Porta 400 for color print film. Portra will give accuate skin tones for all people. ISO 400 will allow you to handle almost all available light situations and great depth of field in bright light.

3: Should I develop my own film there? Ship film back to the US to get developed? Or?

That would depend on your experience, equipment and time.

4: What is a realistic amount of film to take?

As much as you can afford and carry. Do not count on always finding the film you may need when you want to.

5: What would you recommend for a camera bag/backpack?

I prefer a backpack because it balances the load on my back. A shoulder bag throws off my back. I like the Tamrac 752 Day Pack.

6: Any other things to think about?

Plan where you want to go and what you want to see ahead of time. When in doubt take the photograph, you may never get that opportunity again.