Four new cards have piled up on my' waiting for comment pile' from this round.

Andrew V - 'South Park - the pastoral version'. A delightful view. The tiny camper, and homestead, as well as the herd of cattle work well to give a scape to this huge vista. My print is a tiny bit short on contrast from how I might have printed shuch an image. I think the cluds might have looked a bit better if they printed closer to a white/lighter tone.

Kc2edh (Ryan) - Lapland Pond. A great IR shot, making the best use of it's ability in a landscape, namely to highlight living plant material. The composition is good. It might have been impoved if the frame was taken or printed to crop out the branch at the upper right of the frame. I find it draws my eye, and I don't think that was the makers intention when taking the frame. There is good detial in the clouds, evidence of what is the mentioned burning effort. Don't be afraid to let foliage print as white in an IR shot.

Ndrs - Gang. A great concept shot, arising from what I suspect was an impromptu posing opportunity with most captivating subjects. Good overall tones in the print, and good framing of the elements within the image. The shallow DOF helps snap the people clear of merging with the otherwise rather busy background.

Trond - Ash. A dark and ominous scene that puts all sorts of questions into your head. The burned ash pile! The toppled head stones! What was a fire burning in the middle of a cemetary , and who was involved?. Well done.
A nice range of tones that suits the mood of the image. My print has had some sort of a red dye make a small splash partly near the centre bottom on the image and partly on the border. This serendipitous suggestion of blood may have been what sent me onto reading all of the dark potential meanings into this image.