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For Kodak, it should continue on its digital path and forget about film if it is ever to be profitable
Seems like an odd prescription: The film unit is turning a profit already, and Kodak's record of finding profitable ways to adapt to digital technology is, um, dubious. At least in the consumer space---they're done well at things like industrial process monitoring, as I understand it.

We're all speculating here, but I suppose splitting the commercial and consumer sides of the company could pave the way for letting the commercial side focus on digital, where it actually has done well, and the consumer side on film, where ditto.

, especially with a swag of valuable patents. Not sure taking on Apple for infringement of patents is a good idea while on the cusp of Chapter 11 proceedings.
I do know a bit about patent gamesmanship, and I think it's at least plausible that taking on Apple has an element of playing to prospective buyers. If you're a competitor to Apple, you might take notice of a portfolio for sale that's known to have some material relevant to Apple. Again, though, speculating.