I'm happy to announce a bit of good news today, that BTZS ExpoDev for iOS (for iPhone and iPod Touch devices) has been released to beta testing.

This is a completely new and redesigned version of ExpoDev that has many new features including managing lists of lenses and filters for quicker field data entry along with a more fully featured and flexible Depth of Field calculator. It uses the same system of exposure calculation as previous versions of ExpoDev, relying on the same personal film test data files (as analyzed and generated by Plotter). Importing film test data is now easier than ever and can be done directly on your iPhone/iPod or via iTunes on either Windows or Mac.

I've written a few blog posts on the progress so far that shows some early screen previews as well as covering some of the new features. I'll be continuing these short articles as testing progresses. You can find that information here on my blog: http://blog.mutable.net

There's also a new discussion forum over at http://BTZS.org specifically for ExpoDev for iOS discussions. I encourage you to join the conversation.

In the meantime I'll try and answer any questions here as well as they pop up. You can also PM me if you have something specific that you want to discuss.

I am hopeful that the field testing will go smoothly and that ExpoDev for iOS will be available in the Apple App Store soon.