We have a smaller group so far. Two of the names, gbroadbridge and janvanhove listed below came from the original thread, folks that missed the cutoff. I have them listed as 'unverified' because I've PM'd them but have not gotten confirmation back that they are interested in participating in this second round.

1. Bob F. ----------- West London, UK
2. bobfowler -------- New Jersey
3. david b ---------- New Mexico
4. gbroadbridge ----- Sydney, Australia (unverified)
5. ggriffi ---------- NW Indiana
6. janvanhove ------- Brussels, Belgium (unverified)
7. jnanian ---------- Rhode Island
8. MattCarey -------- San Jose, California
9. MenacingTourist -- Utah
10. nsmith01tx ------ Austin, Texas
11. Ole ------------- Bergen, Norway
12. rst ------------- Germany
13. Suzanne Revy ---- Massachusetts[/FONT]

Two things you may notice about this list:
  • There is plenty of room for more folks to join in the fun

  • We have quite a diverse list of geographic locations, much like the 1st round.

You can PM me with your addresses if you like and I'll start getting things together.