Thank you for your interest. What will follow will be both a means for you to access the latest on this phenomenal method and also an incredible financial opportunity.

Dave and I are in contact about writing a book on the latest version. It seems that if we can secure enough venture capital that we will be able to secure a publisher...Usually our experience has indicated that publishers want a lot of money up front on a ground breaking body of highly technical literature of this sort.

It is for this reason that I am pleased to respond to your question with the following request for your financial contribution. If you are one of the first twenty respondents to this request, you will receive not one but two of the first leather bound volumes of the Miller Method New and Revised edition. As a charter member of the Miller Method your volumes will be autographed by Dave Miller and yours truly...or Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, or any other autograph that you desire.

But wait...there is more...if you respond in the next hour we will include a black and white photograph of Dave's current mistress and my former wife.

We look forward to your support.